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The Great Green Adventures of R-man and Earth Kid


The Great Green Adventures of R-Man and Earth Kid

This is a wonderful, imaginative play that shows how kids think we can save the planet. Follow our very own, child-created hero as he teaches us the importance of taking care of the world around us. With the help of his sidekick, Earth Kid, R-man will take the audience on an adventure that teaches: “One kid can make a difference.” Filled with super heroes, super villains and a lot of litter, this comic book style show is sure to be entertaining and informational for everyone.

For Teachers: R-Man Study Guide
For Kids: Story Submission
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The Great Green Adventures of R-man and Earth Kid Gallery

Tree (Drop)
Forest (Drop)
Junk Yard
Junk Yard (Drop)
Leaves (Drop)
Urban Decay
Urban Decay (Drop)

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