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June's PhotoThe generosity our founders has always been the secret to our longevity. Your time and donations have made it possible to encourage children’s creativity, realize their imaginations, and reach over 4.5 million audience members over 40 plus years. In order to continue to with like-minded individuals and organizations. We seek assistance in creating an endowment to help us achieve our strategic goals.

Looking for a way to help? There are so many ways you can. The generosity of friends and funders has always been the secret to our longevity. Your time, donations and in-kind gifts have made it possible to encourage children’s creativity, realize their imaginations, and reach over 4.5 million audience members over 40 years. In order to flourish through the upcoming years, we need to continue to partner with like-minded individuals and organizations. We seek assistance in creating an endowment to help us achieve our strategic goals. There are other needs, as well.

Please read the following information for partner/sponsor, board, and volunteer and other opportunities that exist to explore how you can contribute and how we can work together.


June & Dick DevineWe always welcome the opportunity to develop partnerships with corporate sponsors, like-minded organizations, community groups and schools who believe in the impact that the arts and arts education have on children. If you would like to contribute, or explore a mutually beneficial relationship, we would love to hear from you.

Our partners have given us many successes. Here are a few we have of our past success.

• Auditorium Theatre – Hands Together, Heart to Art
• “Bridging the Centuries” – Purdue University – A Project for the Millennium.
• Byrd Academy
• Chicago Young Writers Project (CYWP)
• Gallery 37
• "Global Engery, the Musical", Stepping Stones Museum for Children, Norwalk, CT
• "Kids for President", Chicago Tribune, Chicago Theatre, Navy Pier and Ravinia
• Kraft Art Discovery II,
• "Peace Initiative ", Mann Center, Philadelphia, Pa
• Smoking Prevention Show, Art Connections, CT
• State’s Attorney’s Project
• "The Writes of Passage" – Project Millennium, A.N. Pritzker School and Field Museum


Actors and store writing Sponsorships are the ultimate win/win/win and have been crucial to our success. Your organization can attain higher visibility, we can continue to bring our unique programs to schools and communities, and children can continue to creatively flourish.

You or your company can have an active voice in how you would like us to work together. We would like to create new programs and are open to discussing any ideas you have. Or, you could underwrite an existing program and enjoy the sponsor benefits from that.

Perhaps you have many different events you are already sponsoring; there may be ways for us to help you bring children into that event. We could provide talent and resources for activities to keep the children’s creativity focused and fun, in a safe environment. We’ve worked with many corporate sponsors to create custom productions, creative workshops, and team-building events.

Commissioned shows can be made to order. At Microsoft® we created a writing contest with the specific theme of illustrating the benefits of a website. At Target®, we created a program to coincide with their Honor Your Teacher project. At Kraft Foods, we developed a multi-year program, working with them as an Arts Partner for over five years. Multi-year funding helps us deliver our finest and most integrated fine arts programs to schools and children. And at Stepping Stones Museum for Children, we developed Global Energy the Musical which teaches the audiance how to reduce their carbon footprint . It is a strategic win for both sponsor and Child’s Play.

Our Board of Directors, Advisory Board and Associate Board

Child's Play Touring Theatre is committed to developing and maintaining a dynamic and committed Board of Directors. We always consider new applicants for board membership. If you are interested in applying to our board, please contact us for further information regarding requirements and responsibilities.

Board of Directors & Advisory Board

Board of Directors

Honorary Chair: Ben Vereen

President: Diana Mendoza, Mendoza and Associates, LLC

Vice President: June Podagrosi, Child's Play Touring Theatre

Secretary: James E Coates-Phd.

Gigi Faraci Harris, Spirit of Play Productions

Kevin Gates, Microsoft, Inc.

Chris Parker, Michael Best & Friedrich, LLP

Advisory Board Members

Richard Allen
Carol Brown
Suzy Campbell
Anna Davlantes
Tina De Varon
Dick Devine
Manuel Flores
Sondra Healy
Gail Kalver
Jonathon Katz
Andy Laties
Peter Lerangis
Myrna Petlicki
Terry Poulos
Jeff Richmond
Alan Ruck
Steve Scott
Bill Strong

Board Candidate will:

  1. Enthusiastically endorse the mission of Child's Play and promote the organization as their first cause.
  2. Attend and participate in regular Board and committee meetings and supporting Board decisions, accepting responsibility for their effective implementation and oversight.
  3. Bring leadership skills and express a willingness to assume a leadership role in Child's Play activities. Candidates should have the qualifications to be a viable candidate for President within two years of joining the Board.
  4. Commit to the financial health of CPTT through careful planning, budgeting and fundraising. Attend CPTT performances, workshops, annual galas, and special events.
  5. Attend CPTT performances, workshops, annual galas, and special events.
  6. Support fundraising initiatives by calling on individuals, corporations, foundations, etc. for financial support.
  7. Actively recruit new Board candidates.
  8. Make a personal financial contribution annually and a commitment to raise additional contributions through donations and other fundraising efforts.
  9. Contribute business/professional expertise to support strategic objectives and operations.
  10. Refrain from any personal or professional activity that may be deemed a conflict of interest with CPTT's mission, function, operations, or financial security.
  11. Provide a minimum of 5 hours of service per month to include attendance at meetings, serving on committees, and other contributions.
  12. Serve on the Board for a minimum of 2 years.

If you are interested in increasing awareness and raising funds for Child’s Play in the Chicagoland area please consider joining our associate board.

Contact: June Podagrosi, Co-Founder and Executive Director (773) 294-7541, junep@cptt.org

Join Our Associates Board of Directors

The Associate Board of Child’s Play Touring Theatre

WHO:  The Associate Board at Child’s Play Touring Theatre will consist of young dedicated and civic- minded professionals, with a passion of encouraging, validating and championing creative arts and theater among kids and teens in the Chicagoland area.

WHY:   This forum will provide interested individuals with multiple avenues, to showcase their leadership skills, access networking opportunities with like-minded individuals, and share their spirit of volunteerism and support for the community.

HOW:  The two key goals for the associate board will be to increase awareness and raise funds for Child’s Play in the Chicagoland area. These goals will be met by:

1. Planning, and implementing two-three fundraising events in the year, to help directly meet the financial needs of the organization. The fundraising events can be tied with the premiere launches of the Child’s Play shows for that year. The goals for the events will be decided in conjunction with the executive director.

2. Planning fun and unique non-fundraising community events to build awareness of the Child’s Play in different spheres (age, geographic, ethnic, etc.) of Chicagoland. The team will also be responsible for marketing and building PR/buzz around these events. The number of events will be decided at the start of the calendar year.

3. Attending specific, strategic community events and meetings, to represent and champion the cause of Child’s Play in the Chicagoland area.

Minimum Requirements for associate board participation:

1. Provide a $50 donation to the cause of Child’s Play, when joining the associate board.
2. Attend with Skype/zoom or call in to at most 4 meetings (once a quarter) to plan and strategize the calendar activities.
3. Participate in one fundraising or community awareness event in the calendar year.

Structure of the board:
The board will mirror the structure of the current governing board of Child’s Play. Any deviations to meet the goals of the group can be decided and voted on by the associate board itself.

Associate Board

     President - Kristian Chanin Crawford
     Secretary - Gail Lee
     David Ashler
     Judy Bussell
     Dolores Corona
     Martha Hudak
     Brad Kemp
     Alif Muhammad
     Journey Moranto
     Londa Plotez
     Ralph Rivas
     Christian Vernon
     Jake and Chantericka Yeager
     Sebby Woldt


Belden 80sInterested in auditioning for Child’s Play Touring Theatre? Here’s how…

If you are interested in an acting position with Child’s Play, we accept resumes by mail or email at any time during the year. Child’s Play also accepts resumes from teaching artists and musicians for consideration throughout the year.

Online Audition Form

Please mail a resume, cover letter and head shot to:
June Podagrosi
Executive Director
Child’s Play Touring Theatre
5097 N. Elston Ave. #203
Chicago, IL 60630

Or you may email your resume, cover letter and head shot to: June Podagrosi - junep@cptt.org

Volunteer and Interships


Child's Play is always in need of enthusiastic individuals who can volunteer their time and resources. If you are able to volunteer time, donate services or products we welcome you to contribute to our mission to share, encourage and validate the creativity of children.

Volunteer Opportunities Includes:

Our Annual Benefit
Event Marketing and Management
Public Relations and Communication
Graphic Design
Developoment and Grant Writting
General Admianstraion
Business Management
Informaiton Tehconlogy
Story coordination
Booking/Tour Management
Videograher and/or Photographer
Technical Productions.

See our type of volunteer opportunities descriptions below.


Oni Mask InternChild's Play internships are open to high school and college students, adults re-entering the work force, and those seeking theatre or office experience as preparation for a career change. Interns must be able to work independently, and will report weekly to a designated supervisor. Individually designed internships are acceptable. Theatre experience is desirable, but not essential. College credit may be arranged.

Online Application

Print Paper Application

Time Commitment:
Full-time and part-time internships are available year-round. We request a minimum commitment of 10 hours per week for at least four weeks and are completely flexible in working around school and work schedules.

At this time we are unable to provide salaries for interns.

Types of Volunteer and Internships:

Event Marketing and Management
Assist in the planning and execution of events, from site selection, marketing, and organizing of details to managing the day of needs at an event.

Graphic Design
Assist in design and production of website, print ads, flyers, brochures and other promotional materials.

Development and Grant Writing
Research and identify potential funding sources, write grants, work on individual development projects.

General Administration
Assist in day-to-day operations. Tasks may include data entry, contract and story processing, filing, etc.

Business Management
A wide range of support is needed in the business management area. Tasks include inventory of physical assets, researching banking and money market options, and gathering preliminary audit information. Also needed is enhancing of accounts payable/receivable tracking system and help with bookkeeping.

Information Technology
Help maintain and update database as needed, assist with general computer and server needs, troubleshoot technical issues as they occur.

Story Coordination Read stories written by Young Authors and help categorize them for publication.

Booking/Tour Management
Assist in the booking and tour support for the traveling acting troupes. Tasks include researching and contacting venues nationwide for booking, assisting with tour planning, repertory/actor log database updating and sponsor mailings.

Videographer and/or Photographer
Document Child's Play productions via video and photographs. Produce promotional videos and photography as needed for company.

Technical Production
Assist with one or all of the following: costume design and stitching, set building and repairs, and props. Carpentry work in the production studio is also needed.

For more information please email: June Podagrosi or call (773) 235-8911 for any of these opportunities to work with us.

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