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Kids in Charge

More information about this show is coming soon!

kids in charge

Kids in Charge

To support our belief that children are in charge of the creative process, we have developed our latest project, ‘Kids in Charge.’ This program is designed to give voice to children’s feelings about the challenges America and politicians face, and will raise issues of leadership, responsibility and civic duties.

Through presentations of speeches, campaigns and mock conferences, ‘Kids in Charge’ will address civic responsibility and how to deal with social problems in an informed, committed, positive and creative manner.

By addressing neighborhood problems, young people can explore the role and structure of the governing body that applies to their own lives – local government. A letter-writing campaign to their leaders, senators, representatives will be a major part of this project, encouraging children to ask questions and say, “Educate Us!” as they look at social issues and problems within their own neighborhoods and communities.

Writing is about self expression and individuality, and students through the ‘Kids in Charge’ program will be writing about their own issues and what matters to them as young Americans.

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