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Audry Simon
Grade 2
Edgar Allen Poe School
Arlington Heights, IL

One day a very old man and a very old lady went shopping.
They bought some meat and vegetables for dinner
and then they wanted to buy some applesauce.
But by mistake they bought apple baby food.
They ate dinner and went to sleep.
The next day when they woke up they started to cry and say
"Goo goo goo"
They fell out of bed and started to crawl all around the house.
The baby food made them turn into babies again.
They were hungry so they crawled in the kitchen and ate some crumbs from the floor.
They kept on crying.
They were thirsty so they drank the water out of the dog's bowl.
Suddenly they started to bark.
Then they ate the dog's food.
When they were done they opened the door and ran outside.
They played in the yard for a long time. 
When they came back in they found the old man's slippers.