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Sean Mansoory
Wilmington,  DE
age 8 
grade 2
Wilmington Friends School

Once there was a little boy named Zach.  He is seven years old.  He liked fish a lot.  So one day he wanted to get a fish.  A little fish.  So he got one. 

He went to the pet store.  And he saw something very weird.  A Gold fish.  And it could talk.  I know I like weird stuff, but a fish that could talk was too weird.  He called me.  I didn’t know what to do.  So I walked over to him.

He talked to me.  He said “Hey kid,  take me home with you.”  But Zach wanted to get a little fish.  Not a big fish.  But that gold fish was pretty cute.  So I got him.

And then he said  “Nice place you’ve got here.”  But he didn’t like the place.  So he played dead.  And Zach looked at him and Zach said  “Is he dead.”  And he said, “I guess he is.”  And he took the fish to the sea.  And the fish said  “I’m free!!!”