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Join Our Associate Board

The Associate Board of Child’s Play Touring Theatre
WHO:  The Associate Board at Child’s Play Touring Theatre will consist of young dedicated and civic- minded professionals, with a passion of encouraging, validating and championing creative arts and theater among kids and teens in the Chicagoland area.  
WHY: This forum will provide interested individuals with multiple avenues, to showcase their leadership skills, access networking opportunities with like-minded individuals, and share their spirit of volunteerism and support for the community.
HOW: The two key goals for the associate board will be to increase awareness and raise funds for Child’s Play in the Chicagoland area.  These goals will be met by:

  1. Planning, and implementing two-three fundraising events in the year, to help directly meet the financial needs of the organization.  The fundraising events can be tied with the premiere launches of the Child’s Play shows for that year.  The goals for the events will be decided in conjunction with the executive director.
  2. Planning fun and unique non-fundraising community events to build awareness of the Child’s Play in different spheres (age, geographic, ethnic, etc.) of Chicagoland.  The team will also be responsible for marketing and building PR/buzz around these events.  The number of events will be decided at the start of the calendar year.
  3. Attending specific, strategic community events and meetings, to represent and champion the cause of Child’s Play in the Chicagoland area.

Minimum Requirements for associate board participation:

  1. Provide a $50 donation to the cause of Child’s Play, when joining the associate board.
  2. Attend/Skype or call in to at most 4 meetings (once a quarter) to plan and strategize the calendar activities.
  3. Participate in one fundraising or community awareness event in the calendar year.

Structure of the board:
The board will mirror the structure of the current governing board of Child’s Play.  Any deviations to meet the goals of the group can be decided and voted on by the associate board itself.